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Spreadsheet to Steps

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

As the good old Chinese proverb goes "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". And my first one will be this Sunday, 1st of July. By the end of August I hope that my steps will be equal to '=SUM(F:F)' on my spreadsheet.

In tune with the intent of this walk, I will keep to myself during '=SUM(E:E)' and will not be posting until my return.

Thank you very much to Webmaster extraordinaire Priscilla Kwok for updating this blog on daily basis.


Day 42 (11th August) Cronulla to Sydney Opera House (37 Km)

Day 41 (10th August) North Era Beach Campground to Bundeena (20 Km)

Day 40 (9th August) Otford to North Era Beach Campground (9 Km)

Day 39 (8th August) Coledale to Otford (13 Km)

Day 38 (7th August) Wollongong to Coledale (18 Km)

Day 37 (6th August) Flinders (Shellharbour) to Wollongong (23 Km)

Day 36 (5th August) Kiama to Flinders (Shellharbour) (19 Km)

Day 35 (4th August) Resting, carbo-loading and leisure walking

Day 34 (3rd August) Gerringong to Kiama (19 Km)

Day 33 (2nd August) Bomaderry to Gerringong (30 Km)

Day 32 (1st August) Sanctuary Point to Bomaderry (34 Km)

Day 31 (31st July) Conjola to Bewong Rest Area (23 Km)

Day 30 (30th July) Mollymook Beach to Conjola (13 Km)

Day 29 (29th July) Lake Tabourie to Mollymook Beach (17 Km)

Day 28 (28th July) Batemans Bay to Lake Tabourie (42 Km)

Day 27 (27th July) Writing and planning. Tools down.

Day 26 (26th July) Moruya to Batemans Bay (29 Km)

Day 25 (25th July) Bodalla to Moruya (34 Km)

Day 24 (24th July) Narooma to Bodalla (13 Km)

Day 23 (23rd July) Bermagui to Narooma (33 Km)

Day 22 (22nd July) Tathra to Bermagui (33 Km)

Day 21 (21st July) Merimbula to Tathra (25 Km)

Day 20 (20th July) Washing, writing, duct taping and planning.

Day 19 (19th July) Leisure walk, going nowhere. Day off.

Day 18 (18th July) Eden to Merimbula (25 Km)

Day 17 (17th July)

After 543,164 uninterrupted steps (394km) I decided to take a bus between Orbost (Vic) and Eden (NSW). It was a hard decision to make and I am very disappointed. However, it was necessary in order to avoid a high risk which is beyond my ability to manage. More on this later, but basically, it involves big trucks traveling at speed on a narrow winding road with blind spots and limited to no shoulder to walk on.

Day 16 (16th July) Nowa Nowa to Orbost (38 Km)

Day 15 (15th July) Bruthen to Nowa Nowa (28 Km)

Day 14 (14th July) Bairnsdale to Bruthen (34 Km)

Day 13 (13th July) Washing, resting and planning.

Day 12 (12th July) Providence Ponds to Bairnsdale (34 Km)

Day 11 (11th July) Stratford to Providence Ponds (19 Km)

Day 10 (10th July) Sale to Stratford (15 Km)

Day 9 (9th July) Rosedale to Sale (29 Km)

Day 8 (8th July) Morwell to Rosedale (37 Km)

Day 7 (7th July) Resting, planning and hacking.

Day 6 (6th July) Trafalgar to Morwell (28 Km)

Day 5 (5th July) Warragul to Trafalgar (24 Km)

Day 4 (4th July) Bunyip to Warragul (25 Km)

Day 3 (3rd July) Officer to Bunyip (29 Km)

Day 2 (2nd July) Dandenong to Officer (26 Km)

Day 1 (1st July) Federation Square to Dandenong (30 Km)

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Tata Bernaldo de Quiros
Tata Bernaldo de Quiros
Aug 14, 2018

Agus felicidades una gran hazaña el crecimiento en voluntad entereza, fortaleza,y en espiritualidad tú mamá


Tata Bernaldo de Quiros
Tata Bernaldo de Quiros
Aug 14, 2018

Agus te felicito por termin tu caminata pasando por varias visicitudes y aún así seguir adelante y llegar a la meta

Fue una gran hazaña 42 días caminando tu solo ,me imagino el crecimiento en voluntad,en entereza,fortaleza y en espiritualidad

tu mamá


Aug 12, 2018

Hi Augustin ... so good to see you on the Opera House steps. Congratulations on an epic journey. It's only a few weeks since I met you in the Merimbula Visitor Info Centre and I can remember describing the vista from the cliffs at Coaldale and entry into the Royal National Park. Bundeena is where my mother and her two sisters sat out the war years managing the general store. It's such a peaceful town still. I imagine you can see where the founders got the name New South Wales from after you walked the green rolling hills of our coast. Good to see some green actually. Cheers, Liz


Håkan Sjöström
Håkan Sjöström
Aug 04, 2018

keep going on !!! your sister, Alexandra,Markus I are so proud of you!!!


Jul 21, 2018

Hi, I'm glad you got to Chamberlain Lookout at Kianinny Bay. I can see you liked it. Hope you have somewhere cosy to stay tonight and more than a block of chocolate to eat. :)

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